Where you can buy Khroma Beauty?

Khloe Kardashian Fansite image Where you can buy Khroma Beauty?

If you love the Make Up you will love Khroma Beauty by Kardashian Sisters.

If you want buy some items, here differents website where you can buy:

Northern Ireland & UK: Cloud10beauty.com
Europe: Khromabeauty.eu Rickysnyc.com
USA: Ulta.com Drugstore.com Rickysnyc.com

1 Comment on “Where you can buy Khroma Beauty?”

  1. Love love love the kardashian Jenner family !!!
    You guys are amazing in so many different ways !! Love the show the new makeup line
    Your reality tv show you guys are a beautiful amazing family and I freakin totally dig and laugh at all your kick ass craziness ! All the love in the world ! Keep rockin it !

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