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Women around the world can’t wait the new collection of Khloe Kardashian


As if Khloe Kardashian didn’t have enough of her plate, the fashion mogul is now launching a denim line. Dubbed Good American, Kardashian’s line is designed to be figure-flattering for every body type. You could hear a collective sigh from women around the world as we learned Good American will carry sizes 0-24. Thank you, Khlo Money!

She has been Snapchatting from New York, where she is promoting the new denim line. She excitedly announced the name on Wednesday via social media to eager fans and fashionistas alike. Her snaps included blue jeans and white denim with plenty of rips and tears in true Khloe style. Nordstrom said the denim line is “redefining sexy” in a tweet sent out yesterday. And yes, we would have to agree!

So when can you expect to shimmy into your own pair of Kardashian denim? As early as October 18! If you want to be one of the first to shop Kardashian’s brand new denim line, Bustle recommends heading over to the brand’s site to create your account. Account may be too strong of a term, but does currently require shoppers to sign in. This may be a temporary means to generate excitement— as if there isn’t enough already— and is also a way for the denim line’s marketing team to reach prospective customers.

I don’t know about you, but I am not opposed to receiving email updates regarding Khloe’s denim line! So of course, I signed up to shop. I immediately received an email from team Kardashian telling me I will be one of the first to know when the denim line drops! Oh, yes. I highly suggest you “get on the list” as well. I have a feeling Khloe’s new fashion endeavor is going to be something to see.

The site alone is enough to make anyone want to buy a pair of Good American jeans. It’s a simple photo of Kardashian holding an American flag out behind her with the launch date subtly typed across the screen. Khloe herself is wearing a coral pink lipstick and dainty necklace, and that’s about all you can see of the blonde beauty. It really is simple and alluring.

Fans are well aware of Khloe’s struggle with body issues and weight loss, so knowing she’s got our back with this all-inclusive denim line is a great thing. Fashion sites such as Bustle and Nordstrom are also excited for Kardashian’s newest venture. But they’re not the only ones. Fans have taken to social media to leave comments supporting the Good American line.

Facebook comments range from pure joy to questions concerning costs:

“I can not be more happy about the range in sizes. It is so hard to find jeans when you are a size 16!! Thank you Khloe for supporting the curvy girls.”

Yes! We’re right there with you, Krystal! And Facebook user Debra brought up a good point as well:

“Ok so like this an amazing step forward in your career and you can totally charge whatever you want I guess, but could these pants not be a zillion dollars so that way all women of all shapes and sizes can finally buy a good pair of pants without blowing their utilities payment?”

Please, Khloe, listen to the masses and make these wonderful jeans affordable for all!

The 32-year-old Kardashian wears many hats with both beauty and haircare lines, and she now has denim designer to add to her title. It was really only a matter of time before Khloe made her move to take over the denim world. As you probably know, Khlo is obsessed with good denim. Out of all three Kardashian sisters, I would trust Khloe with creating my denim over Kim and Kourtney any day.

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