X Factor 2013: Executive Producers on Khloe Kardashian As Host

Khloe Kardashian Fansite kkji X Factor 2013: Executive Producers on Khloe Kardashian As Host

Don’t cry for Khloe Kardashian Odom just yet! Last week, reports circulated that the reality star would definitely not be asked to return as co-host for The X Factor 2013. However, on a conference call February 26, executive producers Rob Wade and Andrew Llinares revealed that they haven’t made any hard decisions about hosts or judges yet. Right now, their focus is on finding the right contestants.

“We’ve got these auditions that start Wednesday [March 6] and we want to make sure that that’s where our focus stays right now,” the execs explained. The nationwide auditions kick off in Los Angeles, followed by Charleston, S.C., New Orleans, Long Island, NY, and Denver.

While the EPs are focused on finding great contestants, don’t be surprised if they aren’t the only new faces you see on X Factor 2013 — a change in hosting could still be in the cards.

We’re sort of at the beginning of the whole process at the moment. We’re looking at everything in the show, whether it’s the hosts, the judges, the contestants, the whole show really. It’s a little bit early for us to say [whether Khloe will return], really. We’re still kind of open to all options on that, we’re working through it. “

The show producers did take time to praise Khloe’s work on the previous season, “She obviously hadn’t hosted before, but we all felt she did a great job.”

Rob and Andrew also acknowledged that the job is much harder than it looks. “Everyone thinks it’s an easy kind of gig and it’s not, it’s really really difficult. and the great hosts have spent years and years making it look really easy…. We would never presume that someone in a hosting role in their first year of having done it, expect them to be perfect, I mean how could you? You know, we thought Khloe did a good job.”

Finally, they were quick to remind everyone what The X Factor is really about: unearthing unknown talent. “At the end of the day the stars of the show are the contestants, they really really are. That’s what we need to focus on is making sure we do a great great set of auditions around the country and hope we find some true stars there.”

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